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Woodin Sandman - 9'4

Woodin Sandman - 9'4

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Woodin: Sandman - 9'4

Condition: Brand new

About:  The Sandman is Woodin's all around high performance longboard.  With a hard edge in the tail, slightly downturned rails, and a two plus one setup, the Sandman really is a performance log capable of getting around fast sections and turning with ease.  Subtle concave in the nose is perfect for noseriding in the pocket, letting this board hang with even dedicated noseriders.  Great in all types of waves, where the sandman really has an advantage over more classic logs is in, as its name suggests, beach break.  We know that many of us here in southern California are dedicated to single fin longboards, but maybe its time we expand our horizons and open our minds to something a little more high performance.

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