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5825 Avenida Encinas
STE 111-B
Carlsbad, CA 92008

How does it work?

  • Start by clicking the blue link to visit our rental website above or stop by the shop in person.
  • You can rent any board listed on our site. We have 3 types of rentals:

Soft Top / Foam Board  (5'4, 6'4, & 8'0)       $20 per day

Standard Surfboard  (value under $600)      $30 per day

Premium Surfboard  (value over $600)        $50 per day

  • When checking out, be sure to note the Surfboard Model you want to rent. 


Here's some common FAQs:

  • Can I rent a board in-person instead of online? Of Course! Just drop by the shop during business hours and we will get you all set up. If renting online, you will still need to sign waivers upon arrival.
  • Can I buy the board I'm renting? Yes, AND We'll take your rental payment off the cost of the board!
  • How do I rent a brand new board? You can do that too, but it will cost 20% of the boards total value. If you purchase the board, we can apply all of the rental costs and fees to your purchase.
  • Do I need to bring fins or a leash? We have fins and leashes for all the boards, this is included in the rental price.
  • How do you handle any damages? We'll review the outgoing board with you and mark down any repairs / pressures/ aesthetic damages. We'll do the same thing when you bring it back. We will show you a price list of all damage costs before your rental in case anything happens during the duration of your rental.
  • How much do damages cost? This is super rare, as we don't charge for the "regular pressures" associated with normal riding such as from popping-up.  For more serious incidents like dings, broken fin boxes, or buckles, we have a full list of damages with associated costs that we will review with you before your rental. For reference, dings typically cost $50-$95 to repair, depending on severity, location, color matching, etc.
  • I have more questions! We can help, just give us a call at  (760) 713 6999