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Ryan Lovelace

Ryan Lovelace V Bowls - 7'0

Ryan Lovelace V Bowls - 7'0

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Ryan Lovelace V Bowls - 7'0

Condition: Great Condition


The V Bowls is one of the more unique midlength shapes you'll see around.  The wide point is slightly behind center with a pin tail and rounded nose, pinched rails, most of the volume in the center of the board right at the wide point and a slightly rolled bottom.  All of these things make for a unique feeling board that trims and turns as good as any midlength you'll ever ride.  This particular V Bowls is made out of varial foam, a high strength and lightweight foam and glass job.  Its in great condition with some pressures and a few small watertight cracks. 

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or come by the shop.  

All used boards are available to demo starting at $20 a day. 

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