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Ryan Lovelace

Ryan Lovelace Fish - 5'10

Ryan Lovelace Fish - 5'10

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Ryan Lovelace Fish / 2+ trailer Swallow Tail Performance Shortboard - 5'10"

Dims: approx: 5'10 x 20 x 2 1/4. 

Fins: Ride it with keels for drive and hold, twin uprights for a loose skatey feeling, or if you want to get weird, there's even a single FCS plug box for a twin plus trailer / nub set up.

Condition: Fair - Used with regular pressures, a professional finbox & color matched ding repair, and some minor spiderweb cracking in the glass along the stringer. Still has lots of life left and ready to ride!

Our Thoughts: "Performance board from Lovelace for under $400? Sign me up!" - This board has performance written into its DNA. A hefty, thick fish this is not, but a "wah-pah!" board it is! A pulled in swallow tail combined with a decent rocker profile  gives you the maneuverability of a performance short board, with bitey rails to match. It's a perfect blend of fish and performance shortboard.

 For size - it has much less volume (especially in the nose) than a traditional fish, which is a tradeoff of wave catchability for added maneuverability, and lets this board excel is punchier waves where fish don't do as well. We recommend you ride it in roughly the same size as your performance shortboard, and do not downsize like you do for traditional fish.  

About the Shaper: Ryan Lovelace is a true waterman, working on three separate board labels simultaneously (Ryan Lovelace, Love Machine, and TrimCraft). He's best known for unique board designs such as his V-Bowls wide-point-back midlength, his finless "rabbits foot" which pushes the limits of finless surfing, and his low-volume, performance oriented piggyback fish.  You're in for a unique and one-of-a-kind experience when you ride one of his shapes. Come try one out for free at our shop.


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