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Captain Fin

Panda Keel Twin 2 Tab - Captain Fin

Panda Keel Twin 2 Tab - Captain Fin

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The Panda Twin Keel is a modern tweak on the classic versions. Unlike the traditional styles, this has more of rake and flex to spring you in and out of turns, but at the same time keeping the drive and hold you need. Designed with the Panda Rocket Fish in mind, this set can be used for most fish to provide ultimate twin performance and the ability to surf aggressively. This set was created to rip, but also perfect for those that want to cruise.

  • Drive fin that's great for control and smooth arcs in any modern retro twin.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Captain Fin Snap-In fin system without screws and FCS II using the provided screws.
  • Construction: Fiberglass
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Color: Black & White
  • Height: front - 5.3"
  • Base: front - 6.49"
  • Rake: front - 39.073°
  • Area: front - 23.92" / total - 47.84"
  • Foil: front - flat
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