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Neil Purchase Jr. Surfboards

Neil Purchase Jr Widowmaker - 5'8

Neil Purchase Jr Widowmaker - 5'8

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Neil Purchase Jr Widowmaker (2+1) - 5'8

Condition: Excellent condition with minimal signs of use.

From the Shaper: 

The 2 + 1 or Widow Maker set up was originally influenced by Dave Parmenter’s Widow Maker Gun design, based on a deeper thruster back fin moved forward with smaller side fins. Just like everything they work with a combination of tail width, rocker, rail shape and bottom contours. The fins are 4 1/4 sides and 6 3/4 backs and are a smoother option to a Thruster. I would definitely recommend for longer boards.

"It is a smooth and stable good all-round design and can hold some serious rail in solid conditions. Probably best described as a marriage between a single fin and thruster."

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