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Jeff McCallum

Jeff McCallum Quad Fish - 5'9

Jeff McCallum Quad Fish - 5'9

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Jeff McCallum: Quad Fish - 5'9

Condition: Good used condition and has regular pressures but no dings.

Our Thoughts: Every shaper usually has one style of board they excel at, or at least what they're known best for. With Jeff McCallum, his signature is usually associated with high volume performance shortboards. 

Wait, did we just say "high volume" and "performance shortboard" in the same sentence? You betcha! 

Jeff makes magic by shaping his decks thick, but then tapering them down a few inches from the edges of the board so he can still make the rails thinner and more engaging. This technique works great on hybrids and fish especially, as they're boards designed to accept such absurd amounts of volume in shorter lengths.

This fish has nice concave going to double concave through the fins, with a decent amount of rocker throughout both the nose and tail. The quads provide a bit more maneuverability than keels, and the feel underfoot is nice.

We gotta say, the end result for this board is a fish that is quite performance oriented, while still being manageable to ride by us mere mortals. Oh ya, and thanks to that magic volume Jeff hides in there, it still catches just about everything.


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