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Marc Andreini

Marc Andreini Serena Pocket Rocket - 6'8

Marc Andreini Serena Pocket Rocket - 6'8

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Andreini Serena Pocket Rocket - 6'8

Dims: 6'8" x 20.25" x 2.5"

Condition: Excellent used condition with some minor pressures. Has a couple of under-the-glass snaggles on the rails (with professional hot-coat added on top just to be safe). Ready to shred!

DETAILS: Custom inlaid artwork in red and pink. Hand signed by Marc himself (not a ghost shaper). Wait list for Marc's new boards are currently at 16-18 months and cost about ~$1,400 for this setup.

Our Thoughts: Winter is Coming... 

    • The Single Fin for Getting Rad - You've heard the calls, you've seen the memes, WINTER IS COMING. Winter means bigger, more powerful surf, and that means its time to bring out the big guns. Ok, we're not talking about a real Elephant Gun Surfboard for Mavericks, maybe more of just a full bodied shortboard or proper step-up for us mere mortals looking to surf Head High (or bigger)  waves.

       If you're wanting to shred some gnar this season, then look no further than this Andreini Pocket Rocket.   

      The board has a full rocker profile with a pulled in nose, so you can handle those steep drops and wrap turns with ease. It also has a rounded pin tail for good hold while still maintaining decent maneuverability, plus it has enough volume throughout to make sure you can paddle fast enough to match the speed of the monsters you'll be chasing.

      We've only had good enough waves to ride this thing once so far this summer, but boy was it a blast!

About Marc Andreini: Marc is the truly a legend in the surf community. He literally wrote the book on surfing, and the history of board shaping, called "The Gift" (which also happens to make a great holiday gift for those shred-mates in your life). Marc has been instrumental in bringing surfing to the masses and in moving the industry forward with his designs. He has also served as a mentor and collaborator to countless other local shapers, and is just a straight up great guy who is easy to work with and talk to. He  makes a variety of classic shapes, but he is probably best known for his masterpiece of a midlength The Vaquero, his wide point center Magic Sam longboard, his rolled to v-bottom "McVee",  and his Edge Bottom boards. We've ridden several of his models and have found nothing less than absolute perfection with every one. Must be why his wait list is still over 14 months long. 

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