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Mandala Komodo Tri Plane Hull - 6'8

Mandala Komodo Tri Plane Hull - 6'8

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Mandala: Komodo Tri Plane Hull - 6'8

Condition: Brand new

Dimensions: 6'8 x 21.25 x 2.875

About:   The Komodo is a tri plane hull egg inspired by the designs of George Greenough.  Here's what Manny has to say about the board: "The Greenough tri-plane hull design is a very fast and efficient bottom contour, featuring rolled hull entry blending into three distinct planing surfaces. A tri-plane is easier to surf than deeply rolled displacement hull, with flatter planing surfaces to drive off of. The tri-plane panels displace water and provide lift as it flows towards the tail, much like the longitudinal cross-section of a tear-drop—the ideal fluid-dynamic form. As water flows towards the tail, the three panels blend back into one single plane—a low-rockered, thin, and flexible tail."

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