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Mandala Jam Karet Twinzer - 7'6

Mandala Jam Karet Twinzer - 7'6

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Mandala: Jam Karet Twinzer - 7'6

Condition: Brand new

Dimensions: 7'6 x 21.5 x 2.75

About:   The Jam Karat is Mandala's more performance oriented midlength twinzer model.  With a slightly more pulled in outline than the oracle twinzer, the Jam Karet keeps the same twinzer setup and adds spiral v concave through the tail.  All of this contributes to the Jam Karet's high performance abilities.  And, even though the Jam Karet excels when the waves are good, one of the joys of midlengths is that even though this is a more performance oriented board, it has enough size and volume to be fun even when the waves are slightly below average.  Even though this is a board for better waves, its not going to be the step up that you take out twice a year when the waves warrant it, it's more of an everyday performance board that you'll be happy to take out often.  

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