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Mandala ASQ - 5'6

Mandala ASQ - 5'6

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Mandala: ASQ - 5'6

ConditionBrand new

Dimensions: 5'6 x 20.625 x 2.5

About:  If we're being honest, when we first saw the Mandala ASQ, we didn't really know what to think, and according to Manny, that's most people's initial reaction to the ASQ, until they actually try it.  The ASQ is a mini Simmons type board with a deep swallow and quad fin setup that excels in southern California slop.  Still want a small maneuverable board when the waves are less than what you hoped they would be, which is unfortunately quite often, then this is the way to go.  And, even when the waves are decent, this board will still perform, unlike a more traditional mini Simmons.  As Manny says: try one, be surprised, and be converted. 

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