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Mandala Arctail Edge - 5'11

Mandala Arctail Edge - 5'11

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Mandala: Arctail Edge - 5'11

Condition: Brand new

Dimensions: 5'11 x 21.5 x 2.625

About:  The Arctail Edge is Mandala's take on the Greenough style edge board.  Knifey pinched rails that blend into an elevated hard edged planing surface on the bottom with a two plus one setup, an edge board gives a feeling like no other board.  In one word: Fast.  Edge boards excel in lined up and clean surf, where they have the opportunity to plane on the edged surface giving insane amounts of speed, and they feel ultra smooth transitioning rail to rail.  Avoid softer waves and chop on this board however, as it won't perform anywhere close to its potential.  Includes custom side bites made by Manny specifically for this board, throw in either a Greenough 4a or a powerblade for optimal performance.

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