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Kurtis Woodin

Kurtis Woodin Little Wing Custom - 5'8

Kurtis Woodin Little Wing Custom - 5'8

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Kurtis Woodin Little Wing Custom - 5'8


Dims: 5'8" x 21" x 2.35"

Condition: Like new - was a store used demo and has very minimal pressures or signs of use. Ridden less than 6 times.

Our Thoughts: Kurtis Woodin has been a rising star in the North County shaping scene for the past few years, and for good reason - not only does he make boards perfectly tailored for San Diego waves, but he also handles the shaping process end to end (yep, unlike other shapers, he even does his own glassing). His added airbrush artwork makes these boards look great, and they ride even better.

Made specifically for West Path, this custom Woodin is similar shape to a fish until you get to the tail.  The tail is wider, with a bit of a double wing, creating a more slide and glide feeling in the tail. 


  • Great daily driver - can work well in 2ft mush to head high waves. Grovel or Performance.
  • Hybrid design- lots of volume up front like a fish lets you catch waves easily, with a more traditional performance shortboard outline in the back for added maneuverability for critical surfing.
  • Customized with a slightly wider than normal diamond tail to add a bit of slidey fun for the regular mushy days. Added hips/wings near the back offer release for easy cutbacks & more engaged rail riding
  • 5 fin FCS Boxes - Can ride as a quad or thruster 
  • Kurtis is rad, learn more below:

More on the shaper here:

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