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Kookapinto Thin Twin Fish - 6'8

Kookapinto Thin Twin Fish - 6'8

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Kookapinto: Thin Twin Fish - 6'8

Condition: Brand new

About:  The thin twin fish is a mix between two of Corey's other models, the thin twin and the thick fish.  The board maintains many of the features of the thick fish, such as a softer rail through the tail and the wide round nose, but is a similar thinness to the thin twin.  This combination gives the board a unique feeling.  You can still get to the nose in the pocket, but you can also put the board on rail easily because it's so thin.  Although maybe not as forgiving as the thick fish, it's still a great board for anyone, whether you're looking to get the unique feeling of noseriding such a short, thin board, or just looking to cruise. 

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