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Grain Surfboards

Grain Surfboards: The Cutwater Longboard - 9'6

Grain Surfboards: The Cutwater Longboard - 9'6

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Grain Surfboards: The Cutwater Longboard - 9'6 

Full Dims: 9'6 x 23 x 3

Condition: A+, it's brand new


Made with 100% wood and designed purely for tip-time, the Cutwater is Grain's take on the classic noserider for those under-chest-high log sessions. The rocker is inspired by old-school shapers that flipped foam blanks around, nose-to-tail, to get maximum tail-kick and a low nose. A deep, natural, concave under its beak runs to a flat-bottom midsection and a super-swept square-tail. Dimensions like those, along with 50/50 rails, are why this board allows you to get a walk in while you ride. So, either lock yourself in the pocket or drag along for a slow dance on the tip.

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