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Captain Fin

Captain Fin - Yago Dora Medium Thruster - Black (Single Tab)

Captain Fin - Yago Dora Medium Thruster - Black (Single Tab)

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Captain Fin: Yago Dora Medium Thruster - Black & Blue (Single Tab)

Yago’s first signature fin with Captain Fin Co was designed to work in the wide range of waves Yago surfs on tour. From powerful reef passes to wonky beach-breaks, this fin does it all. A relatively neutral template that features a thinned out tip with slight rake throughout, this fin goes great in performance shortboards and everyday grovelers. Give it a try and feel the Yago flow!

  • Balanced fin ideal for surfers who want a touch more drive.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Futures fin system.
  • Construction: Honeycomb
  • Flex: Medium
 Specs: Front Trailer Total
Height 4.45" 4.45" --
Base 4.27" 4.27" --
Rake 35.861° 35.861° --
Area 14.56" 14.56" 43.68"
Foil Flat 50/50 --
Cant 6.5° -- --
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