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Captain Fin

Captain Fin - Yago Dora Large Thruster - Black (Snap In)

Captain Fin - Yago Dora Large Thruster - Black (Snap In)

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Captain Fin: Yago Dora Large Thruster - Black & Blue (Snap In - No Tools)

Yago’s first signature fin with Captain Fin Co was designed to work in the wide range of waves Yago surfs on tour. From powerful reef passes to wonky beach-breaks, this fin does it all. A relatively neutral template that features a thinned out tip with slight rake throughout, this fin goes great in performance shortboards and everyday grovelers. Give it a try and feel the Yago flow!

  • Balanced fin ideal for surfers who want a touch more drive.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Captain Fin Snap-In fin system without screws and FCS II using the provided screws.
  • Construction: Honeycomb
  • Flex: Medium
 Specs: Front Trailer Total
Height 4.69" 4.69" --
Base 4.5" 4.5" --
Rake 35.861° 35.861° --
Area 16.21" 16.21" 48.63"
Foil Flat 50/50 --
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