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Almond Surfboards

Almond Surfboards 9'2 Surf Thump R-Series

Almond Surfboards 9'2 Surf Thump R-Series

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Almond Surfboards: Surf Thump 9'2 Black

The 9'2 Surf Thump provides the perfect blend of noseriding stability in the pocket and lively, responsive turning out on the shoulder.

Whether you’re an experienced veteran of the two feet and firing lifestyle, or you’re looking to add your first noserider to your quiver, enjoy the effortless glide of the 9’2 R-Series Surf Thump.


  • Designed for maximum glide in under-waist-high conditions.

    • 9'2 x 23" x 3 3/8"
    • 82 L
  • High Density Closed-Cell Foam
  • No-Wax-Necessary Deck Pad
  • Single Fin Box (Fin Included)
  • Leash Attachment
  • Recyclable (from Nose to Tail)
  • Made in USA
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