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Alex Knost

Alex Knost BMT Needle - 6'9

Alex Knost BMT Needle - 6'9

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Alex Knost BMT Needle - 6'9

Condition: In great condition with a few minor pressures!

Handshaped by Alex Knost and purchased from Thalia Surf shop in Laguna Beach. Lines on it are from templating. normal wear/pressures and few very minor repairs. 

About the Needle:  The Needle is a contemporary refinement of the classic 1970's style down rail single fin. The outline is a classic 70's style, narrow pin tail with a very subtle wing, wide point forward, and a pointed beak nose. The bottom contour is neutral, flat for most of the way down the board with a slight vee beginning about half way down the board and gradually increasing as it moves towards the tail. The rail foil is boxy and down railed with a sharp edge starting a little above the fin box. The rocker profile abides by the classic 70's style with a low tail rocker and a little more flip in the nose. Ask Knost and he'll tell you these boards work in everything; however, due to the parameters described above, we'd say this model would have a comparative advantage in dumpy, barreling beach break surf as well as mid-size and up softer waves that allow for exploring more of the surfboards turning ability. 

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