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True Ames

True Ames The Performer Clear - 6.25"

True Ames The Performer Clear - 6.25"

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True Ames: The Performer  - 6.25" - Clear

The Performer is designed to do exactly as its name implies–to perform in high-performance 2+1 longboard surfing.

John Perry, one of Santa Barbara’s notable long-time shapers, has lent his hand in fine-tuning this gem. It is John and his buddy Dave Lamberston that are actually credited for dreaming up and creating the 2+1 fin configuration (which they originally called the "Threedom"), thereby bringing further high-performance functionality to longboards. This fin is a result of their research and development, intended to be a center fin paired with side bites.

This classic fin embodies a fin that is well-balanced with optimal surface area distribution and minimal flex, offering both a powerful and extremely smooth ride. Its versatility makes it a solid option for a wide array of 2+1 setups and longboards.

  • Well-balanced area with minimal flex 
  • A go-to fin for 2+1’s and longboards, designed to pair with some of our wide selection of side bites 
  • Solid fiberglass construction, gloss finish
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