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Kookapinto Thick Fish - 6'5

Kookapinto Thick Fish - 6'5

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Kookapinto: Thick Fish - 6'5

Condition: Brand new

About: Custom Shaped by Corey Colapinto, the thick fish, also called the fishy noserider, is a moderately thick midlength fish.  If you're familiar with Corey's other shapes, you probably know that he typically makes his boards thin, around 2 inches thin or even less.  So when he refers to a board as thick, it pretty much means the board is about as thick as the rest of us would expect a normal board to be. 

The thick fish is a stretched out classic fish with a wide, round nose and softer rails through the tail, both of which, along with being slightly thicker than Corey's other boards, make it stable and allow it to lock into the pocket for cheater 5's and some full on noseriding.  If you don't believe us, just find some footage of Corey riding this model and see its impressive noseriding capabilities for yourself.  Regardless of skill level or noseriding ability, the thick fish would be a fun board for anyone to cruise on in most southern california waves. 

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