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Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto - 5'8

Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto - 5'8

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HaydenShapes Hypto Krypto - 5'8 x 20" x 2.5" 31L

Condition: Brand new board!

Our Thoughts: One Board to Rule them All


    • The History- Chances are you've heard of the Hypto Krypto. An unreal photo of Craig Anderson dropping in on a double overhead+ indo monster on a mere 5'4" Hytpo Krypto graced the cover of The Surfers Journal back in 2016 and got just about everyone talking. "What kind of board can catch a wave that size at only 5'4"and still be functional?" "Is Craig a god?" "How many times do you need to rewind a clip before youtube plays you more ads?" While we all pondered such philosophy, one thing was certain - HaydenShapes created something magical. 
    • Our Take: The Jack of All Trades -  Yes, we've ridden several Hyptos, and you really can't go wrong with these. What makes them so special is that they can truly handle anything. From steep beach break to grovel, it will make the drop, keep speed in the flats, turn quickly, and catch waves easily. It's still the board we tend to grab when we go on a trip - primarily because of this wave versatility- when you don't know what the waves will be, you can't go wrong with the Hypto.

      The downside is that while it's a Jack of All Trades, it's a master of none - while it does well at groveling, you're better off getting a midlength or fish if you surf conditions like those daily. Likewise, while it's good at steeper waves, we found ourselves wanting a bit more performance in the rails and less volume throughout so we could really throw down the turns. Don't get us wrong, this thing still RIPS, but its more akin to being a bronze medalist in many events instead of a gold medalist in one. That being said, it's truly a magical design, and the fact that it has more of a wave range than just about any other board we've ridden is testament to it's standing as one of the best board designs of all time. Bottom line: if you're limited on boards for your quiver, this should be one of your top choices.
    • Sizing: size down from your typical shortboard, as there's a lot of literage packed into this thing-  for a 6'0 160lbs intermediate surfer, a 5'6-5'8 is recommended.
    • The Best Gloss & Polish you'll Ever See on a Hypto- This board was custom shaped in collaboration with SSENSE. And holey-moley, they went all out! The vibrant blue and the insane polish is something we usually only see from local shapers - and SSNESE wants to charge for all that hard work too. Its what to expect for something that looks this great; but lucky you, we got ours on mega-sale :)
    • Side Note: Don't get us wrong, we're on a mission to support local shapers and promote handmade boards, so we get a little uneasy with selling mass produced boards. Ultimately, since this is indeed a custom, handshaped board from Hayden (who just opened up a local shop), and it is NOT one of their pop-outs from Thailand, we thought it did earn it's place here. But, if you're looking for another size: please, order one custom from us or from Hayden, as their custom boards are handshaped and are not made as pop-outs. Or better yet, get a clone made from a local shaper (trust me, they've probably cloned several for other people already), and if you don't have a local who can make one for you, let us know and we'll get you connected with one that can.

About HaydenShapes (HS): Hayden Shapes is from Australia with a couple of HQ's in SoCal (a new one in Oceanside). They are best known for their performance shortboards, particularly the Hypto Krypto , although they make several other great models as well, such as the Holy Grail, Cohort, and Untitled. They also just made a Hypto Twin, which we are really wanting to ride (hit us up Hayden!).

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